BlockAPT Ltd.

Milestone Moments

How many employees do you have?


Where is your company headquartered?


Can you briefly describe what your company does?

BlockAPT helps protect businesses against cyber threats by unifying all their security technologies into a centralised security management and automation platform. The BlockAPT platform has been designed and built through the eyes of the customers’ needs and security issues. BlockAPT’s approach centres around our Monitor, Manage, Automate and Respond (MMAR) framework. It is deeply integrated with leading edge solution providers and brings together cutting-edge automated threat intelligence, vulnerability management, device management and incident response management through a single security management portal.

What is your biggest growth opportunity for the next 12 months?

Cybersecurity is a growing industry with many new players and products entering a saturated market. BlockAPT will focus its business growth in the next year on the SME, MSSP and MSP markets with targeted propositions which align to their specific needs and pain points.

What cybersecurity innovation are you most excited about?

BlockAPT is very excited about automation, IoT and AI – specifically how they all combine together in an environment where machines defend against machines.