Milestone Moments

How many employees do you have?


Where is your company headquartered?


Can you briefly describe what your company does?

BreachLock empowers DevOps team to perform agile security assessments at scale without compromising speed and accuracy. Our unique SaaS platform combines AI and Human Hacking intelligence to deliver a hybrid solution that empowers DevOps teams to run continuous fully automated or human augmented security testing across application, network or cloud workloads with just a few clicks. This approach helps our clients to get a cetralized view for all vulnerabilities across application, network and cloud workloads. BreachLock offers native integration with JIRA, Jenkins and other DevOps tooling which helps our clients ensure that they discover security flaws early in their development process. Using our SaaS platform, clients get direct assistance from our security researcher to validate their patches and remediating complex vulnerabilities.

What is your biggest growth opportunity for the next 12 months?

After our success is in the US we are looking forward to expanding into the UK market. Within the US we are aiming to move from mid market segment towards targeting enterprise clients looking for technology driven alternatives to traditional testing and cost optimisation.

What cybersecurity innovation are you most excited about?

BreachLock is very excited about disrupting the traditional pen testing as a service market which is heavily dependent on people and non-standardised offerings. BreachLock has devloped its proprietary AI based HACKBOT that runs continuous automated vulnerability scans and presents real-time alerts on the security posture, assisting human hackers in pen testing projects to detect vulnerabilities, collect evidence, analyze it and prepare draft reports. This means AI based HACKBOT delivers up to 70% complete pen test reports at the start of each project and our certified human hackers are continuously challenged to uncover new and more complex security flaws that our HACKBOT did not uncover. BreachLock HACKBOT continuously learns and improves based on new test cases introduced by Human Hackers. These test cases are added to our preoperatory RATA framework (Reliable Attack Testing Automation) and enhance our HACKBOT’s arsenal for future automated detection. This is a unique approach that none of our competitors offer.