Milestone Moments

How many employees do you have?


Where is your company headquartered?

Newbury, Berkshire

Can you briefly describe what your company does?

CyberHive is a cybersecurity technology company, focused on protecting critical infrastructure. Our 'Trusted Cloud' technology, co-developed with the University of Oxford, is one of the world’s most advanced real-time intrusion detection technologies for protecting servers and data. CyberHive technology has numerous applications, including 'Gatekeeper for Office365', a cutting edge security solution for protecting email and file sharing infrastructure used by security-sensitive parts of the UK Government.

What is your biggest growth opportunity for the next 12 months?

Gatekeeper for Office365 has enabled our customers to use cloud-based email services for security sensitive applications for the first time. It has facilitated remote working at a time when this is becoming increasingly important across all industry sectors. Rolling out Gatekeeper across the public and private sectors for orgqnisations who truly value data security offers a huge growth potential for CyberHive at a critical time while organisations are struggling to maintain data security following the rapid changes to ways of working across all sectors.

What cybersecurity innovation are you most excited about?

On average, it takes companies more than 200 days to identify that they have suffered a cybersecurity breach. This is a figure that is increasing year on year, despite most organisations implementing an array of security technologies. The problem stems from the fact that human error is a contributory factor in more than 90% of data breaches. Our technology, 'Trusted Cloud' focuses on mitigating the impact of human error as well as protecting against zero day vulnerabilities, and even malicious acts on the part of authorised administrators. We can cut the time to detect a data breach from 6 months to less than a minute, introducing a step-change in cybersecurity for critical infrastructure. What’s more, our technology enables you to pinpoint exactly where the system has been compromised, dramatically speeding up the recovery time from an incident.