Nanotego Ltd

Milestone Moments

How many employees do you have?


Where is your company headquartered?

Guildford UK

Can you briefly describe what your company does?

Nanotego Ltd delivers a technology agnostic and disruptive Cyber Security solution which gives any computing device the ability to self-govern and autonomously launch defensive countermeasures. With Nanotego’s patent pending solution embedded, any computing device can at bus-speed autonomously thwart a cyber-attack with no dependency on connectivity or human interaction. In a connected world where “everything” is moving to the cloud, Nanotego is specifically suited for critical applications where “checking back with base” simply is not good enough.

What is your biggest growth opportunity for the next 12 months?

Working with one maybe two industry partners to implement the Nanotego agent within their Industrial IoT solutions.

What cybersecurity innovation are you most excited about?

The acknowledgement that cybersecurity status quo is not good enough to keep lights of society on - and the associated drive and thereby opportunity for new and disruptive thinking.